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Affordable Heating and Cooling repair and installation for Any Home or business. True Blue Heat & Air, LLC offers a complete line of heating, cooling and ventilation systems and services to keep you comfortable!

  • Installation – We install all types of HVAC equipment, such as air conditioning systems, heat pump, gas furnace and electric heat.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Basic cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system.
  • Service Calls – We repair and service all brands of systems, including Trane, Comfort Maker, Gibson, Carrier, goodman, York and more.
  • System Upgrades – We will work with you to create a system that best fits your needs and budget.

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AC Repair in Greenville

Make Sure the Work Gets Done Right with AC Repair in Greenville

When your cooling system stops functioning properly it can be a huge inconvenience and even dangerous during the heat of summer. Too many homeowners try to handle AC repair in Greenville, without knowing exactly what they are doing. While it’s nice to fix things on your own without having to pay for professional help, many times the issue isn’t actually fixed and more problems are caused than are solved. That’s why it makes so much sense to hire professionals to handle the job instead. Most of the time paying the pros will actually save you money.

Get the Right Fix the First Time

Tackling a repair on your own leads to potential problems later on down the road. You could end up making the problem worse without knowing it, or causing a new problem that causes the system to perform more poorly. Any possible mistake that you make puts your whole system at risk, and it leaves you with a poorly-running cooling system and higher bills until the problem is resolved. When you hire professionals you know that the problem is going ot be fixed properly the first time. That’s because a talented specialist will know what to look for, and have the parts and tools to solve the problem right away.

Enjoy Your Cooling System Sooner

It’s hard to know just how frustrating it is to go without a cooling system in the heat of summer until you’ve had to do it. When that happens, every single day that you wait for the problem to be resolved is another cause for frustration. It can be maddening even to have to wait an extra day or two while trying to get a part yourself or diagnose the problem when you aren’t sure exactly what you are doing. By hiring a certified professional you’ll get somebody there that knows how to solve the problem quickly. That same person will likely have the parts needed to fix the issue if it’s a common problem, and even if he doesn’t, there’s a good chance that he can get quick access to them by driving to a local warehouse. If you don’t want to be stuck sitting around and waiting for the problem to be resolved, it makes sense to hire a professional that can fix the issue quickly.

Relax, You Have a Warranty

When you fix something yourself and make a mistake it’s you that has to pay for the new problem as well as the old. When a certified repair man comes to your home to complete an AC repair in Greenville for you, it’s him that is responsible for the fix working out and any potential problems that it causes down the road. Giving someone else that liability is a reassuring thing and worth the extra money in nearly every instance. It can be very expensive fixing any issues that result from an improper fix, so it makes sense to avoid responsibility whenever possible


Do yourself a favor and hire a professional to handle your AC repair in Greenville. You’ll know that the work is done properly, and you won’t have to worry about any problems that might pop up because of an improper fix, or you’ll at least know that you’re covered if something does pop up.