Learn About Two-Stage Air Conditioning

Learn About Two-Stage Air Conditioning


If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioner or heat pump, you may come across features that didn’t exist previously. Two-stage cooling is one of them, and homeowners are loving it!

The two-stage cooling air conditioning has greater energy efficiency as well as full capability to cool your home for cheaper on a hot day!

How Does The Two-Stage AC Work?

A two-stage heat pump or air conditioner may use 100% full capacity to attain your desired interior temperature, but it can also utilize part capacity.

Your two-stage air conditioner or heat pump may have to be set at 100% in order to maintain a set indoor temperature depending on the outside temperature and energy-efficiency and insulating variables of your home.

If the outside temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit and the thermostat or control system is set at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, your heating system might operate at 100 percent capacity to achieve and maintain 75 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if the outdoor temperature is only moderately hot, a two-stage system may be able to run with less capacity to keep the intended indoor temperature. When you compare the two types of air conditioning equipment, consider that a single-stage heat pump or air conditioner uses only 10% to 25% of the power as an average window unit. In areas with low temperatures, it’s useful to know how much power your heating system consumes and how efficiently it lowers the temperature.

Energy Savings!

It’s important to understand that a two-stage unit may seem to run longer than a single-stage machine, but it delivers energy savings throughout the house.

With the two-stage energy-saving air conditioner, the cooling system eliminates the up and down inconsistency typically seen in the single-stage models. This in turn will help with the energy savings and provide lower fluctuations which saves energy.

Through Dehumidification, a two-stage AC can remove additional moisture from interior spaces and rooms. This can inadvertently reduce the indoor humidity levels which result in the room/house cooling down.

On the warmest days of the year, a split system’s extended operation at part capacity helps to maintain the indoor temperature for longer and dehumidifies the conditioned air in the process. When compared to a single-speed air conditioner or heat pump, your air conditioner or heat pump may help you enjoy constant and consistent cooling.

For more information about the two-stage air conditioner, visit the Goodman website to learn more about it!

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