Reasons for Upgrading Air Conditioners

Reasons for Upgrading Air Conditioners


As winter breathes its last gust of frigid air, spring seems to arrive in full swing. The bright, warm sun is refreshing at first, but quickly the outside turns humid and you really need a way to cool down and relax at the end of the day. Ceiling fans work, as do box fans, but only for so long. An energy efficient, cooling air conditioner will provide much needed relief to your home and family. To maintain optimal cooling, you should have your air conditioner serviced once a year, if you have a model with a SEER rating under 8, consider upgrading to a more efficient air conditioner.

You might be thinking that upgrading your air conditioner isn’t necessary, and you are absolutely right. It isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely a good idea that has quite a few positive benefits. Older models are not designed to be energy efficient, which means they do not save you money on your gas or electric bills. Installing a new model can save you money on your bills and make the air cooler in your home. Upgrading can ensure an increase in efficiency up to 60%. This will help you maintain a better budget, and cut down on the repairs you will need in the future. Texas summers can get hot, humid and unbearable, high functioning air conditioners can save the day.

Studies have proven that working or residing in a cool environment can actually make you more productive. Whereas, trying to function in a warmer home might make you feel sluggish and lazy. Central air conditioners actually pull the heat from your environment and push it through a heating agent to cool it down considerably and make you more comfortable. Generally, newer and updated models take under 20 minutes to cool down a building or home. This can be useful in Garland, Texas where the heat seems to hold you in its muggy tentacles for months at a time.

While installing an air conditioner might seem like an exciting endeavor, please keep in mind that it is not a do it yourself project. Installations should only be performed by a licensed HVAC professional to ensure that all safety guidelines and procedures are adequately followed. The removal and installation of a unit is all encompassing and rarely just includes extracting and inserting a new model. There are intricate and complex adjustments that need to be made to assure that everything is in proper working order. Please do not attempt to do any repairs on your own, it could result in unnecessary injury.

If you are considering installing a new air conditioning unit or updating your current one, please consider a professional. Installation techniques have the training, equipment and safety procedures necessary to perform installations, upgrades and repairs. Please call us if you need help with any air conditioning related issues, we are here to help and strive to meet our customer’s satisfaction. Our staff and technicians are dedicated to helping you with your air conditioning needs, we also offer competitive pricing.

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